Only fresh -Not frozen,(BUY FRESH AND HIGH QUALITY MEAT ) 

Fresh from farm Noida Desi chicken all your doorsteps 

Reasons  why you should eat free range bird desi chicken delivered in hygienic  delicious and soft meat .

We take order only COD  Mode.Pay on Delivery.

Reduce weight and cholesterol 

Boost your immunity 

Reduce risk of heart disease 

Reduce stress 

Fight various mood changes During  period  .

Contains magnesium which Reduce pms pre menstrual syndrome 

Contains zinc which regulates testosterone level and boost Energy

Tender and Live slaughtered just before the delivery with best quality,Chicken home delivery.

Product features

Fresh Desi Chicken curry cut is delicious and the meat is very tender,juicy. 

Great source of protein.

100% natural desi chicken.

High In Protein.

Hatched,Raised,and harvested in farm.

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Desi Chicken / Live Desi chicken 1 kg curry cut (Quality Meat)

  • Rs .700