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Delivering fresh chicken,fresh mutton,fresh fish to your table since 3 years .Just buy from our online store for quality products fresh chicken, mutton,fish .We provide Raw 100 % Fresh & Real halal Food like Raw Chicken ,Raw fresh water Fish , Raw fresh Mutton,Raw fresh meat.Rawhalalchicken.com is one of the leading online company .We focus on providing fresh chicken,fish,mutton,seafood delivering fresh chicken,fresh mutton,fresh fish to your doorstep since last 3 years .We committed to deliver halal Raw fresh chicken ,Raw fresh Mutton,meat ,Raw fresh water rohu fish, Raw fresh water Boneless fish, Raw fresh water prawn fish.When you give us order after receive order ..All these products that we do deliver to your doorstep are fresh slought & processed just few hour before it is handed over to our executive for delivery . Fresh slought and hygienic we do not keep anything in fridge for stored. All the products are processed  just few  minutes before the selected delivery .We do provide 100%  Halal cut fresh Raw chicken,Raw meat ,Raw fresh water fish rohu,Raw fresh water katla fish,Raw fresh water boneless fish,raw fresh water  prawn. Our company  is just produce customer fresh ,halal ,best  quality Raw chicken,Raw meat,Raw fresh fish.That's why we send you fresh chicken,fresh mutton,meat,fresh fish . We don’t stored any product in fridge .Halal cut believe in produce fresh chicken and meat,fish .When you place order .You can check product is fresh or not. If product is not fresh .you can return order.You don't pay and receive order.Easy return policy of product .We take order only COD system. We don't take payment before delivery.

Raw  halal operational processes for customers.

1-  Here is How the order reaches your doorstep ?

When you give us order.we commit to you 1 hour delivery. After receive your order. We do send to you fresh chicken, fresh meat ,fresh water fish.Then we will dispatch your order at your destination that’s why we take time 1 hour for delivery.   

2- What is the benefits of book your order from Raw Halal.

We only take order (COD) mode of payment .Because we want  to  give full freedom to customer end.Customer can check chicken and meat quality and freshness .If product is not fresh .Customer can  return product to my delivery boy immediate without any hassle in easy mode. We don't sale frozen.

3- We do never stored product in fridge. Whenever you get frozen chicken .Please don't receive order  Complain to us .We take action against team immediate .just return to product immediate .Raw halal will send to you ever fresh halal chicken and fresh halal meat , Mutton,fresh water fish.


Rawhalalchicken.com to provide  ever fresh products with better quality & healthier chicken,mutton,fish nonveg food choices through sustainable practices .


Passionately we want to serve our customers healthier products  for a healthier living and be the trusted brand  know for quality ,safe,tasty products.we will expand products service and delivery zone ,cities for the quick delivery and provide better service.

Bringing you our best price and service delivered to your door step.

Bringing food to your table since 3 years.

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