We are Small Our Products are always Fresh, Tender, and Juicy.

Delivering fresh Chicken, fresh Mutton, and fresh Fish to your table Since 4 years.

At Raw Halal Chicken.com, we take pride in being a small-scale business dedicated to providing fresh, tender, and juicy products to our customers. With a focus on delivering quality, we have been bringing fresh chicken, mutton, and fish to your table for the past four years. Our online store allows you to conveniently purchase raw, 100% fresh food, including chicken, freshwater fish, mutton, and meat that is never frozen.


As a leading online company, Raw Halal Chicken is committed to offering the finest quality and freshness in chicken, fish, mutton, and seafood. Our products are sourced from fresh slaught and processed just a few hours before being delivered to your doorstep, ensuring hygiene and quality at every step.

How does your order reach your doorstep?

When you place an order with us, we guarantee a one-hour delivery. Our team ensures that the products are fresh, hygienic, and processed shortly before being handed over to our delivery executive.


The benefits of ordering from Raw Halal Chicken:

We offer Cash on Delivery (COD) as the mode of payment to give customers the freedom to inspect the quality and freshness of our products. If you receive any frozen chicken, we encourage you to complain to us immediately and return the product to our delivery personnel. We prioritize delivering only fresh products and take prompt action to rectify any issues.


Our vision and mission:

Our vision at Raw Halal Chicken is to provide ever-fresh, high-quality, and healthier options of chicken, mutton, and fish to our customers through sustainable practices. We are passionate about serving our customers with healthier food choices for a healthier lifestyle and aim to become a trusted brand known for our quality and safe products. Our mission involves expanding our product range, service, and delivery zones to ensure quick delivery and superior customer service.


With Raw Halal Chicken, you can expect the best prices and exceptional service delivered right to your doorstep. For over four years, we have been dedicated to bringing food to your table with our commitment to quality and freshness.


If you are looking for the best experience and highest quality meat and fish online, Raw Halal Chicken is the right choice for you. Our products are tender and live-slaughtered just before delivery, ensuring the utmost freshness and quality. We are here to deliver on our promises and provide you with an excellent culinary experience.


Choose Raw Halal Chicken for your meat and fish needs, and we guarantee your satisfaction with every order.